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Members Bios

Ronnie Vaughn

Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Harmonica

Ronnie Vaughn is the band's namesake and founder. He has been a singer and frontman for many years, including stints in Hook 22 and Element. Vaughn and Co. was created to allow him to explore and expand his song writing and lyrical talents. The result has been the unveiling of a truly talented American singer-songwriter. Ronnie is only comfortable when he's pushing the limits of himself and the band members. And he is blessed to have the collective talents of Vaughn & Co to work with. But make no mistake; Ronnie is the driving force behind Vaughn and Co. Whether fronting Vaughn & Co, playing in the duo Gangbox, or playing solo, Ronnie's passion and talent rises to the surface. The result is a burgeoning list of loyal fans that continues to grow to this day.

Brandon Glanton 

Percussion & Drums

Brandon Glanton first played with Ronnie in Element. Brandon is truly a percussionist, playing a wide variety of instruments as well as the full kit. He and drummer Lee Mahaney have an innate ability to always play as a team and to compliment each other's playing. Together they provide a wonderful rhythmic backdrop for Vaughn and Co. Whether its reggae or rock, Brandon knows what to play, and when to play it, demonstrating one of his best abilities: listening. You will often catch Brandon playing behind Ronnie for one of his "solo" shows.

Bill Knueven

Lead Guitar & Vocals

Bill had the unenviable task of filling the shoes of the two previous and exceptional guitarists for Vaughn & Co: Rob Vargo and Craig Acree. However, Bill has filled those shoes quite well. He brings his own ideas and fire to the existing music, while keeping alive the original intent of Rob and Craig. On the new music, his skill and experience has helped open up the Vaughn & Co sound. You will notice a more involved rhythmic component and some heavier riffs and sounds. Bill also brings the added component of background vocals to both the live and studio sound.

Lee Mahaney

Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Vocals

Lee Mahaney joined the band in the fall of 2004 and brought a breath of rhythmic fresh air to the band. Not only does he artistically and tastefully compliment the groove of each song, he helps by arranging them. He is a schooled technician behind the kit. Live, you'll hear Lee do things most other drummers dream of. And he'll make it look like he's not even trying! Lee and Brandon's ability to play cohesively, whether each of their parts is written or improvised, creates a deep and wide rhythmic element unique to Vaughn & Co. Lee is without a doubt one of the most artistic drummers in town.

Robert Campbell


Like Bill, Bob also had some huge shoes to fill, taking over for original Vaughn & Company bassist, John Hurd. And Bob has handled the task with aplomb. His classic rock influence and punchy, thunderous bottom end is a marked contrast to John Hurd's light and funky approach. His style has matched well with new guitarist Bill Knueven to create a fresh, new sound for Vaughn & Co. Listen to his bass lines come alive on "Still Worth It" and watch live as he works up and down the neck of his instrument with apparently little effort. And let his great tone move your bottom!

Al Leffler

Keyboards, Vocals

Al brings his stylistic keyboard and top-notch harmony vocals to a sound that was curious for a little bit more! Al has been part of the local music scene for quite a while and is an in-demand professional. The chemistry that Al immediately created with the V&C crew has been magical. Listen for his first-rate harmonies and tastey keyboard playing on his debut effort with Vaughn & Co, "Still Worth It"

Greg Hurd


Greg is the newest member of Vaughn & Co. He is well-known to Al and Lee, having played with them for many years as members of the Rusty Van Band. Greg is fluent in many genres, including rock and jazz, and adds some "BAM!" to the already stout musicianship of Vaughn & Co. His beefy tone and fiery solos are a welcome addition. His playing has immediately added sparkle not only the new material for the upcoming CD, but also the older V&C classics. He makes Vaughn and Co even "saxier" if that's possible!